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How it works: You email us shipping information for your customer and what they are ordering. We will ship a Ratio Eight or Six directly to them without any pricing information in the box. Your credit card will only be charged when the order ships. The cost includes FedEx ground shipping.

You can earn $75-$110 of extra profit per drop ship order and you won’t  have to handle customer support. We will handle all warranty or service-related questions your customers may have.

We will share all of our photo and video assets, and any descriptions or website content you'd like, to make it easy to create products on your site.

Please fill out our short wholesale information form and we'll send over pricing and details to get started! Or send an email to [email protected]


"The Ratio Eight is another conversation piece for our guests. In fact, we have designed our bar in a way to showcase consumer-friendly methods of coffee making. Our goal is to demonstrate to consumers that, using our coffee beans, they too can have the same cup of coffee at home as they do at our coffee house."

- Parisi of Cafenated Coffee